That last blog entry was a little dark, so rather than to leave it at that I’ll talk a little about what I actually like about Central America in a more positive way instead of saying I prefer being alienated there rather than here.

I’ve already said that I like the absence of blandness. Really due more to poverty than choice, the raw edges of things are not covered up with a veneer that’s intended to hide, when you come right down to it, mortality. The visual environment is more lively, authentic, less visually impoverished. Secondly, I enjoy meeting other travelers and expatriots from all over the world and sharing our stories. Most important, I like meeting Central Americans. I may be on thin ice, in danger of delusion when I talk about people poorer than myself being friendly, easy-going, warm, but there is something of that in their culture. Here are two stories I’ve told often, probably in this blog, but they make the point. In a little restaurant in Nicaragua, I went upstairs to the bathroom and found it occupied. Then the owner came out of the bathroom all wet with a towel around his waist, and after he got dressed he joined me downstairs for a cup of coffee. In Guatemala, I went into a bakery and asked the owner if she had coffee and she said no, but then she said she’d make me some, and she went into the other room, which was her own kitchen, and made a pot of coffee, and then she sat down and joined me. So I keep going back to Central America.