Caye Caulker, April 20

Ima slow down’a da tropical pace a life, mon.  I left the Asics behind and started walking around in flip flops all day.  Betty sez:  “25 days into the 27 day trip.  Some people are slow learners.”

This morning we had breakfast at Glenda’s Restaurant, which has about 13 items on the menu and all of them include a cinnamon roll and coffee.


The frigate birds interest me very much.  They’re difficult to photograph with my little point and shoot camera that fires about a second or two after you push the button.


The biggest ones have a wingspan of over 7 feet.  They can’t walk very well or swim, but they can fly for weeks at a time, snagging fish off the surface of the water.  They hatch one egg every couple of years or so, and they care for the chick for up to 6-8 months.


Yesterday a family unit arrived at our hotel consisting of an older woman and  two young couples, presumably her children and their spouses.  They had vast piles of luggage and occupied three rooms.  We couldn’t figure out what language they were speaking.  It sounded vaguely like Italian, but wasn’t any of the major languages.  This morning they left for another hotel, piling all their luggage onto a golf-cart taxi.  Apparently this hotel wasn’t to their liking, or else maybe they were annoyed by those uncouth American guests who were practicing music out under the palapa.

Here’s a house that interested me because of all the little religious signs around the front door.


Betty sez:  We went snorkeling this morning.  We didn’t see many fish but we didn’t drown either.  Gerson: This afternoon we saw more iguanas in the yard of our hotel than we did fish.   Betty: And they were bigger.