For our last few days of vacation, we’ve bailed out of Guatemala and are in Tourist Heaven, also known as Caye Caulker, Belize.  Our hotel is extravagantly luxurious:  lights and hot showers at all hours of the day and night! Wi-fi that works!  Air conditioning!   A refrigerator, micro-wave, and TV!  Betty adds that we had a delightful Cubano sandwich for lunch, a mere 10 feet from the Caribbean lapping at the shore.


On the crowded bus from Guatemala, I sat next to an Australian woman about the age of my daughter who is studying to be a psychologist, and whose parents are immigrants in Australia from Herzegovina. She had been in Xela studying Spanish, and was on her way to Mexico.  We talked about our ethnicities.  She passed right by Tikal and didn’t stop to look at it because it’s expensive and she’s not much interested in sight-seeing as a tourist. I can appreciate that.


And I shouldn’t, but I can’t help myself from talking more about that Malaysian investment banker from London with the figure of a model.  Betty and I are obsessed with her.  I commented to Betty that she had had a boob job.  Betty said she had great breasts, and I said that if even I, who am oblivious, noticed that they were too good to be real, then they weren’t.  Betty said, “The best money can buy.”


Speaking of wi-fi that works, now I can upload some Tikal pictures to the blog.IMG_1044

IMG_0991 IMG_1006 IMG_1046 IMG_1019