A couple of loose ends from past blog entries:

1. Regarding culture and authenticity, I assure you that Uncle Yascha is guaranteed to be authentic.

2. Here is the promised tirade on wealth, poverty, and technology.  Being in Manhattan plus reading an article on Silicon Valley in the latest New Yorker tied in with my existing obsessions and brought them to a full boil.  The guys who run Google and Facebook think they are doing good while they get rich – saving the world.  Here’s a quote from a silicon valley entrepreneur, in the New Yorker article:  “They actually think that Facebook is going to be the panacea for many of the world’s problems.  It isn’t cynicism – it’s arrogance and ignorance.”

The fact is that the gap between rich and poor, in the U. S. and worldwide,  is the greatest it’s ever been, and the middle class is disappearing.  Today, the world’s poor have prepaid cell phones.  Is that making them richer?  No, they need those things in order to survive in poverty. In the future, the world’s poor will have smart phones. In the industrial revolution, it was predicted that increasing productivity would benefit the workers.  Fat chance.  I predict the same for smart phones.  Those who control the resources reap the benefits.

Mark Zuckerberg is quoted as saying about Islamic extremists:  “It’s not out of a deep hatred of anyone.  It comes from a lack of connectedness, a lack of communication, a lack of empathy, and a lack of understanding.”  Zuckerberg is an ignorant little fool, who thinks he can be the messiah and bring peace to the world through Facebook, which he originated in order to rate girls by their looks, and then he made it into a vehicle for stalking the person who turned him down.  He doesn’t know that there are genuine, irreconcilable conflicts of interest between the rich and the poor, and he is one of the rich.  You’re not going to get the poor to understand and empathize with the rich, as they get poorer, through social networking, or smart phones or Google’s self driving cars.

A blog should be brief and this already isn’t.  I’ve picked on Zuckerberg, but he is only the most visible and easiest target of the technology industry, and of the rise of an upper class that exceeds the gilded age of a century ago.  So I’ll leave it at that for now.