My friend Barbara commented on authentic culture: Navajo rug weavers, shortly after contact, preferred weaving images of the latest exciting thing – locomotives and soup cans – in the loudest artificial colors available.  Those rugs didn’t sell in NY, so the white traders provided weavers with books of “authentic Navajo designs and colors” for them to copy. My favorite story along those lines concerns Mississippi John Hurt.  The legend about him was that he was a blues singer in the ’20s, went back to farming cotton, and was re-discovered as an old man in the ’60s and had a successful career as a blues singer.  Except the actual story is he sang popular tin pan alley songs in the ’20s, and America was not ready for a black southern pop singer so he went back to farming cotton, and then in the ’60s he discovered that there was a market for a long lost southern black blues singer, so he became a blues singer.​