May 19, 2013

On the road again.  Heading back to Lake Atitlan.  Is it foolish to return to the same place again, looking for …?  Or is it a case of running away from …?  We’ll see.

There were some omens that sort of pushed me that way.  David at the Posada de Santiago (“rustic elegance”) offered me a gig, and Susannah, the fan of Mayan fiestas, said she’d like to hear me play my accordion at a fiesta and in the plaza.  She also said they will be marching one of the saints around in a procession, so I may hear one of the Mayan marching bands at last.

Here I am in the big apple for my daughter’s graduation.  I don’t like it (the big apple, not the graduation).  It’s too noisy, crowded, expensive, and a hassle to get around.  The restaurants are not as good as in Portland, and way more expensive. Manhattan is a place for tourists and the very rich.  But today my step-nephew Julian took me to hear a great band busking in the subway.  That cheered me up.  The N. Y. subway is a unique environment for busking.  The auditions for a spot to play are extremely competitive, and the subway musicians are world class.   It beats going to a club and standing in line and paying a cover charge and buying a minimum number of drinks and sitting in a crowded space.  I can walk away whenever I want, and everyone there is choosing not to walk away right then.

Here’s a band I like.

Next week I’ll be in Panajachel, Guatemala.