Mi Lupita

I heard a cool marimba trio of three women last night in a restaurant.  There is a uniquely Guatemalan tradition of marimba bands, a typical Guatemalan sound, and it can’t go back very far in history because the marimba is an African instrument.  The composers of these marimba pieces are well known and highly respected in Guatemala, although I’ve also heard these bands play tunes by Irving Berlin.  Marimba bands usually consist of men, and this is the first all-woman marimba band that I’ve heard.

These women were really good.  I bought the only copy of their CD that they had with them.  According to the CD, which has no liner notes, the band is called “Hombres y Mujeres de Maiz.”  I asked the owner of the restaurant if all their pieces were composed by Guatemalans and he said yes, but I have reason to doubt that this is 100% true because they played “Twelfth Street Rag” while I was there.  I did not have the nerve to ask them if they know “My Way.”

WordPress allows you to attach a photo or a video or a link to the web, but not an audio file.  So I put the audio file of “Mi Lupita” on Uncle Yascha’s ReverbNation web page and attached that to this blog entry.  You can hear “Mi Lupita” performed by Hombres y Mujeres de Maiz from the link above.