It was Uncle Yascha’s international debut.  The audience was loud and mostly inattentive, but a few people were into Uncle Yascha.  That’s the best we can expect. Here’s a photo of Chinita’s.  The food is good although I haven’t tried the Chop Sui.  I got a big basketfull of bills and coins as tips, the advantage of playing in a country where they come in small denominations.

Wait, I needed to edit this entry.  Forgot to mention, my most attentive audience members were a couple from Los Angeles. He’s originally from Italy, and she’s originally from Indonesia.  He read the questions for me on the song “Thingamajig” that I do.  After my set, they were off to the cosmic convergence.  Also I’ll mention, since a quetzal is worth about 12 cents US, you can get a pretty impressive looking collection of 1 quetzal bills as tips.  I gave a substantial part of my tips to the restaurant staff, who were very grateful.

Tomorrow, I’m going off with my hosts Steve and Elisabeth on a 6 day trip. I’m going to miss the Cosmic Convergence gathering that’s happening here in Pana.  Well known bands playing, Yoga and healing workshops. Sort of an Oregon Country Fair in Guatemala.