Sunday Dec 23

Juliet and I went by ourselves to the beach town of Champerico on the Pacific, by chicken bus.  I thought I was past writing about how third world the third world is, but maybe not.  Champerico is a popular beach destination for non-rich Guatemalans.  There were a lot of people on the beach, among whom Juliet and I were conspicuously the only foreigners.  This is not a tourist destination.  Juliet provided a pretty good summary of the place:  the Coney Island of Guatemala. She particularly enjoyed seeing a chicken bus that was not painted in gaudy colors, still the original yellow with black lettering that said: “Albuquerque School District.”  I’ll post a few pictures that say more than words.

Juliet expressed some reservations about her dad's fashion sense.

Juliet expressed some reservations about her dad’s fashion sense.


The laptop is well-adapted to a place with intermittent internet service and intermittent electricity.  When the power is on, I can recharge the battery.  When the wi-fi at the language school is working, I can upload my blog entries.

The ride to and from the coast was through spectacularly rugged and scenic mountains (Xela being 7000 feet above the sea).  I can’t resist saying something about the driving.  I thought I’d seen some passing with pretty thin margins, but I had not seen a vehicle forced to leave the road in order to avoid a head on collision, and I had not seen a vehicle that failed to get past a truck before it came to an oncoming vehicle, so they had to temporarily make the two-lane highway into a three-lane highway.