If I’m going to write a blog, what will it be about?  Not about the picturesque scenery, or what I had for lunch, or how cold it is taking a shower, or how poor the people are.  I’m done with that travelogue stuff.  Not about my purpose in being here, because my purpose is not to have a purpose, and even saying that much is perilously close to having a purpose.

A few more mundane details:  My hostess is Aida and her son is Cesar.  He is 20 and attends a university, studying agronomy.  Aida has never been married. They are hosts for the school all year, it seems to be their main income, and they’ve gotten very good at it.  They live in a rented apartment upstairs from an automobile electric shop.  My teacher is Lorena and I am the same age as her father.  She has a 7 year old daughter. Her husband died.  She teaches Spanish 10 hours a day and the daughter stays with Lorena’s mother.  This morning (Monday Dec  17) Juliet and I walked up a hill called the Baul, with a view of Xela.  We estimated it’s around 1000 feet above the city.  We saw that Xela has a suburban sprawl and a lot of smog.

These blog entries will not appear the same day I actually write them because there is no internet in the house.