The name of this blog, “A Reporter At Small,” is not original.  As a teenager I was an avid subscriber to Paul Krassner’s magazine, “The Realist.”  Whatever unforeseen paths my travels take , I anticipate that this name will apply to the situation.

The idea of going away on a journey was not original.  I was grousing and bitching to my friend Hoang about our culture here in the Imperium,  and he suggested that I go somewhere else for a few months.  After some discussion, I asked Hoang, “What would I do there?”  He asked, “What do you do here?”  That clinched it.

The idea of shlepping an accordion to Guatemala is perhaps original.

For the unbelievably good luck that allows me to do this, I am amazed and grateful.  My parents are gone, children grown, I’m divorced, retired, still in good health, and I happened to stumble blindly into a career that gave me the means despite my bad attitude.  This is an incredibly rare window of time/resources/obligations that pretty much obligates me to do this thing because it’s possible.

So I bought a ticket to Guatemala (one way).  On my plans for where I will go, how long I’ll be away, what I will do, and my general expectations for this journey, I will be brief: